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The Great Freedom Revolution

We are on the brink of the greatest revolution in freedom the world has ever seen.

The Revolution of 1776 was just the beginning of a movement toward freedom that has liberated billions of people on Earth from soul-crushing poverty, slavery, illiteracy, and disease. And today, we are on the cusp of liberating the remaining billions while improving the biosphere that sustains us.

Dark Before the Dawn

Many people are freaking out about the state of the world. They worry that the United States is on the brink of calamity. I share these concerns. Like millions of people, I’ve feared COVID-19 and thhe reaction to it, felt the strain of misinformation, and have worried about parents locked up alone. I have cried with family and friends of those who died of drug overdose and suicide due to lockdown-induced isolation and who died of murder, due to lockdown-induced rage.

I’ve felt the terrible betrayal of institutions that I once trusted. I used to believe that the mainstream media’s mission was to tell the news. Now I know that they are dupes or worse. I used to trust what was published in peer-reviewed journals. Now, I do not. I used to believe that the Black Lives Matter organization cared about Black people. Now I know that they care more about getting certain people elected than helping those in need.

Before Covid, my main existential fears were supervolcanos and climate change.

Never for a second did it occur to me that climate change would be used as a weapon of fear-mongering authoritarians who did not care about the environment, people, or science but only about amassing money and power.

These fearmongers have used climate change as an excuse to amass power, silence critics, wage war, enrich China’s Communist Party, control energy production, and grow fascism around the world.

Now, like millions and millions of Americans, I see the dirt.

At first, seeing so much dirt and corruption overwhelmed me with moments of betrayal and despair.

Truth Sets Us Free

But now, I have a renewed sense of hope as I see more and more and more people telling the truth, stepping up, and creating solutions. I realize that the dirt that is now so plain to see has been here for years and years, but I never saw it. Few could. But with the internet, what was once hidden is now coming to light.

“You can’t clean the kitchen until you see the dirt.” 

Now, when I see the dirt, I feel a sense of hope because I realize that I am like more and more of the millions of Americans who are waking up to this mess. We now see the dirt that we could not see before.   I used to be unaware of gov’t/corporate/media’s dirty lies and overreach. I used to think Snowden was a “bad guy.” Now I see him as a courageous hero.   Now, we are getting a crash course in what makes America great (by contrasting with what makes it suck.) 

My hope grows because 1) Truth always prevails 2) Biden’s promise to unite America is becoming fulfilled: People on left, right, and middle are united by their disgust for crony corporate/government friends making trillions while the rest of us deal with massive inflation, crime, open borders, civil unrest, and wars 3) The thousands of Boulderites who honk in support of medical freedom, and 4) the thousands of Boulder parents who rise up against the masks on their children without compelling evidence that this benefits anyone.

I am also hopeful because the legacy media is losing viewers while independent truth-tellers are gaining millions and millions of new viewers. For example, Joe Rogan, who interviews great champions of freedom is seen by millions. Russell Brand, who leans left and for Democrats, is now talking about the lies that government insiders are pushing to legacy media. Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is graciously calling out the disaster at the border and unnecessary wars abroad.


With each new day, new lies and betrayals are revealed.

And, with each new day, people are learning more and more about what makes people free, happy, and productive and able to create solutions for some of our biggest problems.

And, each new day brings news of liberated souls engaged in new ventures to create a more flourishing world for all of us.

We are on the cusp of the Greatest Freedom Revolution the world has ever seen.

For more hope, encouragement, and vision, visit HumanProgress.org; The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC); and Evolution’s Arc.

Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Cathy Russell

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