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Government: Small Or Big

Elimatate Polis fees put into effect to bypass TABOR and grow governementVoted YES on 503 pieces of legislation costing you millions $$$$$ in 2022 alone.
Will lower inflation by reducing regulatory costs in housing and energySupports printing more money.
Will make energy and water abundant and cheapWill increase energy costs by suppresssing energy production
Building codes to enhance innovation, improve lives, and lower pricesCoersive building codes that raise costs and prevent innovation.
Voted no on HB1362Voted yes on HB-1362 for more building codes statewide
Supports a free market to be the best innovator. Tesla Anyone?Wants to nationalize transportation sector beginning with electric charging stations. DMV Anyone?
Free market to create more housingSupports Government Regulation
Supports Nuclear EnergySupports dirty and expensive solar from China
Supports regulation that benefits consumersEncourages Regulatory Capture
Limited Government reduces InflationSupports increased inflation with increased government spending.
Supports independent builders, not costly and inefficient government bureacracy.Voted Yes on SB22-232 to create a new bureacracy, the Colorado workforce housing trust authority. Initial cost $1 million.
Respects TABOR and your right to keep your money.Runs around TABOR. Voted Yes on HB22-1025 to increases revenue from income, sales and use, other taxes, each of which are subject to TABOR.
Pro immigration but not pro benefits for non-citizensVoted yes on HB22-1289 to gives Medicaid to illegal aliens
Preserve Civil Society with Law EnforcementSelective Enforcement
Gives Illegal Campers a Choice: Treatment, Jail, or No CampingGives Illegal Campers a pass
Supports Police Especially in Minority High Crime NeighborhoodsDisempowers Police
Arrest Criminals Before they become Repeat OffendersSupports Comfort of Criminals and Supported the End of Cash Bail
Insure that criminals are off the streetDecriminalize lawbreakers.
Protects the rights of victims and the law abidingHas created a protected class for drug abusers, untreated mentally ill people and repeat offenders
A student’s education is directed by ParentsEmpowers powerful union leaders.
Empowers TeachersEmpowers Bureaucracy
Supports Parents Bill of RightsOpposes Parents Bill of Rights
Supports school choice/vouchersSupports school choice only for the rich and opposes charters
School money follows the student.School money follows the unions and bureaucrats.
Respects students diverse educational needs with school choiceDisregard student’s diverse educational needs by limiting choice.
Supports history curriculum that empowers students.Worn out, disempowering history lessons
Supports parents solutions for preschool education.Voted for for HB 22-1295, to create cotly new preschool bureaaacracy ($300 million in first year.)
Compassion and ConsequencesNo Consequences = No Compassion
Shelter First, Housing Earned“Housing first” = Enabling + Higher Cost
Colo-Psych, statewide mental health recovery treatment to care for ill and drug addicted campersEnables mental illness and drug addiction while wasting millions allowing people to die.
Inform on Matters of HealthMandate matter of health
Excessive red tape blocks urgent treatmentState Dominance ensures slow Access
Realist about connection between drug use, alchol abuse and mental illnessDenies realtiy of drug/alcohol abuse as driver of mental illness
Support police to cope with mentally ill criminalsFire police and create new, inefficient bureaucracy of mental health workers.
Recriminalzie possession of Class 1/2 drugs especially fentanylSupports open borders and has contributed by supporting bad policies to the fentanyl epidemic.
Support mental health with strong families and communities.Support mental health bureaucracy that destroys family and community
Shrink size of government and get rid of career statists.Voted YES on 503 pieces of costly legislation in 6 months!
Supports free and fair elections.Supports pizza to bribe students votes, unmonitored drop boxes and Jena Griswold
Ciizens are Free to ChooseMandates, clousures, masks, compulsory vaccines
Voted YES on ~ 50,000 pages of laws
Supports increasing the number of legal immigrants.Tolerates sex trafficking and fentanyl imports with support for open borders
Supports Freedom, Rights and DutiesSupports Dependence on the worlds Most Authoriarian Regime, the CCP
For Effective GovernmentFor Gargantuan, Inefficient Government Bloat
Government by the PeopleGovernment by Unelected Bureaucrats
People keep the lion’s share of their earningsPeople give more of their earnings to fund the power and growth of government
Katie supports recycling and innovation. Bureacracy ALWAYS creates waste and defeaats the intended consequences. Prosperous countries are the cleanest countries.Judy’s current goal is to reach one million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2040.
Homeowners choose to implrement energy saving technologyGovernment by Unelected Bureaucrats
Will boost Colorado’s economy by reducing spending and supporting Colorado business.Spending while destroying Colorado business will bankrupt Colorado
Understands the wisdom of the Second Amendment; mental illness and crime cause gun violenceWants more guns for the IRS, and to take yours away. Voted yes on HB22-1086.
Supports election integrity according to Jimmy Carter’s recommendations. Katie is not fooled by bills’ misleading titles.Voted for SB22-153 that mandates electronic voting equipment and prohibits hand counting system. Also prohibits county clerrks from backing up election server drives
The Harvard-based Electoral Integrity Project, shows that US elections rate “lower than any other long-established democracies and affluent societies.”Claims that the 2020 elections were secure.
Saving waterr is important. More bureacracy will not help.HB 22-1151 mandates a turf replacement program.
Practical EnvironmentalistImpractical Environmentalist
Supports evidence based, market solutions to climate change.Supports massive bureacrracy to combat climate change.
Supports Clean Solar Panels manufactured in USSupports Coal-Made Solar Panels from China
Katie supports recycling and innovation. Bureacracy ALWAYS creates waste and defeaats the intended consequences. In aaddition, this will hurt business and further slow the economy.Voted yes on HB22-1355to create a wasteful new bureacracy. The “producer responsibility recycling program” intended to recycle waste. What it will create for sure is waste of tax dollars and waste of innovaton.
Supports research on ClimateDeluded in thinking “The Science” is settled
Informed by climate scientists like Steve Koonin, PhD, Obama’s climate advisor.Informed of climate by teenager, Greta Thunberg
Undertstands the cost of electric vehiclesThinks electric cars don’t produce CO2
Understands that 2.8% of electricity from SolarThinks solar can replace natural gas by 2023.
Supports engineers and entrepreneurs to solve Climate changeBelieves community activists who don’t understand Newton’s law of motion can solve climate change
Climate Change is Real. Climate Catastrophe is a power grab.Climate change is a Catastrophe that only government and their corporate cronies can fix (while enriching themselves)
Supports private sector solutions. TESLA anyone?Government Solutions: DMV anyone?
Encourages Safe and Clean Nuclear PowerDiscourage Nuclear Power
Climate Education Reduces FearUsing Climate Fear to Create More Government
Fires due primarily to forest mismanagementBlames fires on climate change
Encourages logging industry to thin overgrown forests to prevent fires.Low Priority: Fire Prevention
Yes to health and no to government bureacracy.Big government Medicine = Poor Health
Make Health Care AffordableIncrease Medical Costs
Innovation makes quality health care safe, effective, and affordable“Regulatory capture” make health care unsafe, ineffective, and unaffordable
Supports mental health with strong families and communities.Supports mental health bureaucracy that destroys family and community
Like oxygen, health care is human need. You know when to inhale and what health care you need better than the government.The government knows better than your doctor how to heal you. In the US, the government spends more per person on health care than any other country, and still they manage to screw it up.
Enrich Big Pharma at Expense of People’s Health
Supports Excellent HealthcareBecause of government mandates, healthcare in the US is the MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD. More government spending would add to this already staggering cost.
Both candidates want the best for Coloradans. Katie can actually deliver.
Effective AltruismIneffective Altruism
Considers consequences of every intensionGood Intentions
Puts people first.Puts good intentions first, enabling unintended consequences of ineffective political ruling class and the corporate donors that support them.
Puts You In ChargePuts Government in Charge
Believes in YouBelieves in Big Government