Take Action

Take action to claim your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




While freedom results from actions, it also comes from a mind that is free. Before you act, liberate your mind from limiting thoughts. Celebrate success and learn from others to open yourself to the greatest possible freedom.

You are free. At this moment, you are free to breathe in billions times billions of molecules of oxygen that give you the energy to move, think, sing, and dance. You are free to focus your attention on the beauty of life or to plan your breakfast or imagine the wonderful thing you are going to create.. You are free to choose when, what, where, and with whom you spend each precious moment. You are free to sing or not to sing, depending on your willingness to feel embarrassed.

You are free to appreciate the creators and courageous heroes who have contributed to your freedom. You are free to give thanks to your parents for giving us life, to your teachers for giving you the ability to read, write, and calculate. You are free to appreciate those who have defended your freedoms.

You are free to celebrate discoverers. Isaac Newton unlocked the secrets of gravity, force, and motion. Barbara McClintock discovered “jumping genes” us how genes move to create new varieties of organisms. Max Planck discovered that radiation comes in discrete packets, or quanta. You are free because their discoveries expanded possibilities for your life.

You are free to give thanks to inventors, like  Gutenberg, who gave you the ability to read books, and to those who gave us the internet and the devices to connect to people around the world.

You are free to give thanks to our Founding Fathers who recognized the sanctity of the individual and who created a Constitution to ensure your freedoms against authoritarian governments and against the tyranny of the mob.

Learn Freedom

Freedom is not free. We must learn about the world in order to cultivate freedom. Learn from what worked in the past so you can employ those lessons toward creating a flourishing future.

Envision Freedom

Celebrating and learning about freedom will give you ideas to create your vision of freedom. What does freedom look like to you. How does it feel? Create first in your mind, then take action in the world.

In the comments, please contribute your suggestions for promoting freedom.

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