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Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know

While news about the past two years may convince people that the world is accelerating its downward spiral into sickness, poverty, environmental disaster, and war, it may surprise many to know that, by many metrics, the world has been on a dramatic upward trajectory. While the past couple of years has been a dip in these upwards trends, it is now more essential than ever to learn about past successes, so that we may continue to amplify what works in order to create a more prosperous and enjoyable world for all people.

Rational Optimism

Following is a presentation by Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist. Mr. Ridley reminds us that human culture evolves positively through freedom which fosters innovation, prosperity, and progress for all.

To learn more about Ten Global Trends, visit their website. Also, check out Human Progress for more hopeful and inspiring trends.

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