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Stop the Mandates rally at Colorado Capitol

Nearly 1000 vaccinated and unvaccinated Coloradans gathered on the West steps of the Colorado Capitol Building on Sunday, January 23, 2022, to peacefully say “NO MORE VACCINE MANDATES.”


This Colorado rally was held in solidarity with the rally taking place in our Nation’s Capitol on January 23, 2022. This event was organized by Stop the Mandates Colorado.

Participants included members of Americans Unified for Freedom, Learn the Risk, and others.

Do No Harm

Dr. Edward W. Carriere, MD, was one of several doctors who spoke about the need for physicians to “Do No Harm”. The day’s speakers advocated for scientific evidence before vaccination.

Defeat The Mandates” Rally, Washington DC

This national event was, MC’ed by comedian JP Sears.

It by The Highwire by Del Bigtre. Following is a link to the whole 4-hour-long event (note – 28:00 is the start, before that is the crowd forming).


Dr. Robert Malone made a very powerful presentation:

A day before, he posted the script on his amazing Substack:

Saint Augustine, the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, famously said “The truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

If you watch nothing else of this event, please consider watching Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s full 30-minute-long segment

⁣Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Full Speech Jan23rd Defeat The Mandates March Rallyhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/FtIIBgraDLzc/

Kennedy said there are three rules to understand and remember.

  1. Every power the government takes, they will never relinquish voluntarily.
    “They will never let it go until we make them let it go.”
  2. Every power they take they will ultimately abuse to the maximum extent possible.
  3. Nobody in history has ever complied their way out of totalitarian control.
    “Every capitulation is a signal to the oppressors to impose new forms of torment or torture or compliance or obedience.”

If you would like to browse all of the many individual presenters, find them here:

Thanks to Gary Walls for collecting info!

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