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Rocky Mountain Heist

This movie tells the story of three millionaires and one billionaire who orchestrated one of the most successful campaign-funding schemes ever devised in politics. This same scheme is now being used in other states.

Colorado was once a primarily Republican State. Today, Colorado is far left of the Democratic Party, with a growing bloated government funded by increasing “fees” to get around Tabor tax laws. Colorado’s resulting big government agenda would make the CCP green with envy.

While this movie is from the perspective of Republicans, moderate Democrats, Independents, and freedom-loving people should understand how big money has taken over Colorado’s government. The government is becoming less and less about individual rights and caring for the people, and more and more about enriching wealthy power brokers.

This movie is based on the book The Blueprint.

“Through the microcosm of Colorado’s stunning political transformation, this is an inside look at the rapidly-changing business of campaigns and elections. The techniques pioneered in Colorado have been recognized by both parties and pundits as the future of American politics.” ~ Adam Schrager and Bob Witwer, ~ The Blueprint

As a result of the “Heist”, thousands of new bills have been enacted, bloating our government without any benefit to the people. Crime is on the rise, mental health is cratering, and energy prices soar. Out-of-state people come to camp in public parks where they can do drugs.

“The Colorado Model” was so successful in our state, it is now being replicated.

It all started with the good intentions of four wealthy liberals who pulled off one of the greatest political makeovers in recent history, The Rocky Mountain Heist.

One of those well-intentioned people is Governor Jared Polis, with a reported net worth of about $400 million in 2022, making him one of the wealthiest politicians in the country.

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