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Freedom from Climate Doomism

Climate change is challenging, with impacts ranging from rising sea levels, droughts, floods, heatwaves, and extreme weather events. While it’s crucial to take action to mitigate and adapt to these impacts, there’s a growing trend of climate alarmism and doom, which is having a detrimental effect on the environment, on people’s health and happiness, and on our freedom to flourish.

Climate Fear

A survey of 10,000 youth 16–25 years from around the world found that 84% were moderately to extremely worried about climate change. (Hickman, et al, 2021). Many people have given up hope because they believe global warming means this is the last generation of people on Earth.

In January of 2023, Al Gore warned that the climate is even worse than feared. He warned of boiling oceans, rain bombs, and a billion climate refugees. Gore’s message is to encourage governments and corporate leaders to spend trillions of dollars each year to mitigate climate chaos through the adoption of Net Zero emissions.

DoomISM or Alarmism?

Climate doomism is the belief that nothing can be done to prevent a catastrophic climate apocalypse. Since Climate Doomists believe that humanity has gone past the point of no return, they accept that there is no future. They use alarmist rhetoric, causing despair among the public.

Climate Alarmism is the belief that we must sacrifice everything in order to combat climate change.

While it’s imporrtant to be monitor and offset the impacts of climate change, climate doomism and alarmism are dangerous and counterproductive beliefs. Below are some reasons why.

Climate doomism Instills hopelessness and inaction

Climate Doomism makes people believe that it’s too late to meaningfully address environmental improvements. This belief can lead to a sense of hopelessness, which can be paralyzing, causing people to feel anxiety or despair. When people believe that the situation is hopeless, they are less likely to create solutions.

Climate doomism and ALARMISM undermine Useful environmental action

Climate doomism and alarmism undermine useful environmental action by creating a sense of panic, futility, and division. When people believe that nothing can be done to prevent a catastrophic outcome, they do nothing but consume. Climate alarmists create panic with some believing that radical action is needed. Instead of tackling urgent environmental issues, like reversing soil degradation and poverty-induced deforestation, Alarmists and Doomists cause division among environmental activists and organizations.

Climate doomism ignores the BENEFITS and progress that has been made

While we face challenges when it comes to addressing climate change, it’s important to recognize the progress that has been made and the benefits of climate change. While many people fear that climate change kills forests, reduces crop output, and causes species extinction, in many cases, the opposite is happening. The significant increase in global greening means more crops to feed more people and a large increase in forests providing increasing habitat for wildlife. We can continue to build on these achievements to make further progress in creating a flourishing future for all people.

Rising sea levels have been a problem since 1850. To mitigate this problem, we can learn from the Dutch, who have built walls to keep out rising seas.

Climate doomism and Alarmism Are not supported by science

While the impacts of climate change will continue to cause problems, the belief that the world is beyond repair is not supported by peer-reviewed scientific evidence. Evidence shows that climate change is real. Today, with better information and technological know-how, our ability to adapt is better than ever. People have aa long track record of adapting to climate change in the past. And we are even better equipped to deal with climate change today.

Detect to DeflATE

To deflate climate doomism and alarmism, you must first recognize it. Climate alarmists often focus on worst-case scenarios and dismiss positive developments and progress made in addressing climate change. Learn the truth about climate change, pay attention to alarmist language, recognize human negative biases, and follow the money of the messengers.

Learn the Truth

Predictions of catastrophic climate outcomes are not supported by scientific evidence.

Alarmist Language

Language such as “rain bombs” or “boiling oceans” are clues to alarmist language.

Negativity Bias

Over millions of years of evolution, those organisms that could first detect threats were the ones who passed on their negative biases. Celebrate the wins of your ancestors, and realize that most people excel at seeing threats rather than at seeing the whole truth. Know that the first step to wisdom is to recognize bias.

Follow the Profits

While most climate alarmists seek a better world for themselves and their communities, some profit from doom and alarmism. It is not in their best interest to report the whole truth.

Who is reporting climate alarmism and doom?

The news media is in the business of selling news, and alarming news sells better than good news.

Governments are in the business of creating bigger governments. Climate Alarmism is the perfect excuse for bureaucracies to grow, to take people’s money, and to limit your individual rights.

Corporations are in the business of selling stuff. In all history, there has never been a bigger business opportunity than selling solar, wind, batteries, cars, electrification, etc in the name of defeating the climate crisis. While all of these new technologies offer wonderful benefits, they also have huge environmental costs (ie mining waste for materials, CO2 emissions to produce, and waste when solar panels, batteries, blades die.)

When big corporations get big handouts from big governments, big problems follow.

Crony Capitalists have the most to gain from Climate Alarmism. Climate-alarmed government officials take money from taxpayers and give contracts to their climate-alarmed friends. If there were no Climate emergency, free trade would ensure better solutions. With climate-fear-causing corporate welfare, corruption causes more far more problems than climate change.

Beware the prophets of doom who profit from doom.

Be Mindful

By being mindful of these warning signs, you can avoid falling into the trap of climate doomism or alarmism and instead focus on voting for sensible legislation and on creating a flourishing future.

Antidote to Doom

There is one important aspect of climate change that Al Gore did not mention and that few young people know about. It is the most significant aspect of climate change. It’s the one thing that can put people at ease and give them hope for the future. It is Global Greening.

Create A Flourishing Future

While it’s essential to recognize climate change, we must avoid falling into the trap of climate doomism or alarmism. We need to acknowledge the progress that has been made and recognize that there are many ways to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. 

Education is the key to combating climate doomism and alarmism. Informed action will make a positive impact on the biosphere that supports human flourishing. Read informative books, support truthful organizations, and communicate with neighbors and your legislators. By taking action in your everyday life, such as learning the truth, conversing with people of differing opinions, and creating solutions, you can make the world a freer and more flourishing place.  


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