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Seven More Reasons January 6 was not A Coup

Were the events at the US Capitol a coup or a riot?

Americans continue to be deeply divided about the events of January 6. This is due to the fact that the Censorship Industrial Complex has censored relevant information.

This page offers information debunking the coup narrative.

This division continues to erode trust in our government, in journalists, in politicians, and in free and fair elections.

This division is driven by a lack of transparency and accountability regarding the causes and actions of that day. If our country is to move forward in freedom, we must know who instigated the events on January 6. Freedom granted to us by our Constitution cannot survive without a reliable account of what happened.

This view should not be shaped by one’s political affiliation; it should be shaped by the free flow of accurate and reliable information.

Fortunately, as time goes on, more and more reporters continue to reveal the truth of that sad day, which was not an insurrection nor a coup. Furthermore, more and more Americans know the truth according to a February 2022 poll by Pew Research.

Coup Narrative Debunked

1. New York Times Debunks Claims of a Coup

The New York Times June 2021 video,  Day of Rage, asserts that January 6 was not planned or coordinated by any group. The video goes on to show that the riot of January 6, 2021, was the result of hundreds of frustrated Americans spontaneously erupting in anger.

2. Merrick Garland MaDE no Mention of Coup or Insurrection

A telling piece of evidence indicating no coup is the fact that Attorney General Merrick Garland, no friend of Trump or his supporters, never mentioned a coup in his remarks on the anniversary of January 6.

3. No Guns

If this were truly a coup to overthrow the government, then surely Trump supporters would have had guns, but they did not.

Tragically, the only use of a gun was a Capitol Policeman using it to shoot an unarmed woman who sought peace. Tragically, there were three other deaths that day, two related to excessive police force.

4. Trump Encouraged Peace 

If this were a coup orchestrated by Trump and his cronies, then he would have encouraged his supporters to be violent. Instead, during his speech just before the Capitol riot, Trump asked his supporters to peacefully and patriotically march to the Capitol. 

5. Track Record of Peace

Over the past several years, Trump has had many rallies, with hundreds of thousands of supporters, and none of these had violence. This is in stark contrast to BLM and Antifa rallies, where many people were killed and billions of dollars of property damaged.

6. Call for National Guard Delayed

Three days before January 6, Trump requested 10,000 National Guard, according to Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller. ”Fill it and do whatever was necessary to protect the demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights,” Sec of Defense Miller said Trump told him on January 3. In addition, the head of Capitol Police, Steven Sund, said he repeatedly requested and was repeatedly denied National Guard protection. Sund later said that intelligence officials failed to properly share warnings about the potential for violence ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

7. Intentions

Every crime has a motive. If this were a coup, what would have been the motive?

If President Trump wanted to be a fascist dictator, he had his chance to use Covid-19 as an excuse to amass power by imposing federal mandates for masks and lockdowns, to grow the government, and to change voting laws in his favor. Instead, he made no mandates for masks or shutdowns. He did nothing to prevent last-minute voting laws that worked against him. If he were planning a coup, he would have made sure that he controlled the narrative by the media and social media outlets. Instead, social media censored him, and most traditional media outlets condemned him. Furthermore, if he had planned a coup, he would have ensured that the military was on his side. Instead, of the military being on his side, some generals were against him, according to authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their book Peril. In this book, they write how General Milley, United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was not only opposed to Trump, but he claims to have also violated the chain of command and undermined President Trump’s authority by contacting his counterpart in China.

If President Trump had wanted to be a ruthless military dictator, he would have started many wars, but instead, he negotiated for and won peace in North Korea, in the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Jan 6 Was an Intelligence Failure

January 6 was not a coup. “It was an intelligence failture.”

So said Steven Sund, the former Police Chief who witnessed the failure of US security teams to prevent this riot. “This attack was preventable.”

No motive, no guns, no military support, no media control = no coup.

In summary, the events of January 6th, 2021 were a riot, not a coup.

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