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Freedom in a F.R.E.E. Framework

Every child deserves to learn about the path to a successful life. Sadly, instead of learning this path to happiness and success, many kids are taught one of two incomplete, harmful narratives.

The “blame the system” narrative teaches kids they are powerless against societal forces, and that only systemic change can open their path to prosperity. Meanwhile, the “blame the victim” narrative tells them that any undesirable outcome in life is a product of their own shortcomings, regardless of whether they have received any meaningful support or guidance along the way.

F.R.E.E. Framework

Educator and author Ian Rowe promotes a third way in his book, Agency. In this book, Rowe presents the F.R.E.E. Framework, a four-point plan developed to help children overcome the victimhood narrative and discover their pathway to power.

Author Ian Rowe

Ian V. Rowe is the founder of Vertex Partnership Academies and a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. In addition to serving ten years as CEO of Public Prep, he held leadership positions at Teach for America, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the White House, and MTV, where he earned two Public Service Emmys. Rowe earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University’s College of Engineering and his HS diploma from Brooklyn Tech as part of a K-12 NYC public education.

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