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Freedom from Censorship

Freedom requires free speech and a free press.

Learn more about censorship in the United States so you can help end it. The people at Environmental Progress have a new website talking about this issue at Censorship-Industrial Complex. Following is their mission statement:

Warning: The US government is targeting you.

It has moved from fighting ISIS recruiters and Russian bots to censoring and de-platforming ordinary Americans and public figures they don’t like. Funded by billions of taxpayer dollars, the Censorship-Industrial Complex is using direct coercion along with the most sophisticated AI tools to manipulate people, label social media posts, and discredit factual information. Just because they don’t agree with them. The Complex is a network of government agencies, academic institutions, and NGOs that are censoring American citizens on a whole host of issues, all without their knowledge. Everyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, must take notice and help end this assault on our right to free speech.”

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