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Great News In Freedom From Menopause Malaise

“It’s hands down the biggest screwup of the medical field in the last 25 years.” ~ Bestselling author, Dr. Peter Attia, referring to the bungling of research that turned a generation of women off hormone replacement therapy.

Fortunately, this massive medical mistake is now turning around, and in a big way. This is VERY GOOD NEWS for women, who can now enjoy the benefits of longer, healthier, more mentally alert lives.

Freedom From THC Addiction

While many people enjoy cannibis to liberate their minds, few realize that they can be enslaved by a new concoction of this ancient weed.

Mask Freedom

On Feb. 14, 2022, Boulder citizens spoke out about the benefits of masks and the dangers of mask mandates at Boulder Health Board meeting. Their respectful and enlightened testimony convinced the board to lift mask mandates for Boulder County.